What you can expect from an Outsource UK MSP

Managing your contingent workforce can be a challenge

Our MSP service offers a simple, transparent, and fully-IR35 compliant process that takes these worries away. Gain access to a top talent pool and guarantee a smooth, frictionless, efficient service by inviting us to partner with your existing suppliers to manage your contingent technology or engineering workforce.

Whether you’re looking for improved visibility, compliance or control, or for a fresh hiring strategy with a new partner, we can handcraft a solution that suits your business.

Find out more about our handcrafted MSP services
Find out more about our handcrafted MSP services

How do you get the right people for your business?

Compliant contingent hiring is possible

A solution that's right for any business

Let Mark and his team design a Managed Service Provision that fits with your strategic growth plans. Whether it's a ramp-up for sprint projects or a considered hiring programme to deliver on your inclusion aspirations, we take care of everything.

Our local expert

Mark Harris ~ Director of Client Services, Outsource UK
Director of Client Services

Mark Harris

Direct Sourcing

Handcrafted talent pools to deliver to your hiring plans

Discover a better way of securing the people you need, using the value in your brand to attract future talent.

Up to 50% savings on your recruitment agency spend.

We build your own exclusive community of candidates, and you pay only for the parts of the recruitment process that you use. Discover the benefits today.

Our local expert

Sean Walsh ~ Head of Client Solutions, Outsource UK
Head of Client Solutions

Sean Walsh

Outsource UK - taking care of talent

Compliance first

We take the pain away by managing all legislative and governance requirements for you, whilst our award-winning contractor tracking keeps processes in line with your expectations.

Outsource UK - taking care of talent


We work with your supplier base and allow your hiring managers to acquire worker-on-demand talent easily through clear, consistent processes across all suppliers, driving down your time-to-hire and delivering cost savings.

Our clients always see reductions in their tech and engineering resource spend.
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Outsource UK - taking care of talent

Taking care

Delivery of your onboarding experience must be tailored to your brand and messaging, as well as a people-centred process that is streamlined and friendly whilst delivering key information such as vetting and other clearances.

We believe in clear and honest communication, ensuring that we work to your timescales and that we showcase the best of your organisation.
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Outsource UK - taking care of talent

Quality management

Having been in specialist staffing for over 30 years, our talent sources are second-to-none; we are deeply integrated into the markets you operate in. We’re also happy to manage your supplier inventory for you – including partnering with your existing suppliers, and on-boarding new niche suppliers as required.

There are many benefits of streamlining your contingent hiring services through us, including single consolidated invoices, transparent margins, consistent contracts throughout the supply chain, and opportunities to introduce margin only payment mechanisms to ensure full compliance under IR35 legislation and minimise the risk of supply chain non-compliance.

We have a team of experienced, professional and friendly supply chain managers who are dedicated to maintaining a motivated supply chain for you, so that you can access and on-board the talent you need in a quick and efficient manner.

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Outsource UK - taking care of talent


We provide regular reporting and a clear audit trail so you have complete visibility of your contingent population through a bespoke system to suit you.

We ensure your IR35 compliance too with ongoing tracking of status, costs and highlighting any business risks.

We can help you achieve long-term cost efficiency via flat margins and complete transparency of cost and utilisation metrics. We’re your partner to achieve compliance success.

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Blog IR35 Webinar


This solution provides the scalability needed to ride the peaks and troughs of contingent recruitment activity.

Utilising our team of experts ensures that your business never finds itself short-staffed, even in extraordinary cases.

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Collage of our staff holding their hands up to support IWD 2021

Dedicated team

We take care of everything by building strong relationships with your stakeholders to understand what works and to achieve full compliance.

You can rely on us to manage suppliers, source top talent and deliver outstanding service. We ensure a named programme manager so you can build a deep relationship and a new level of strategic understanding.

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Outsource UK - taking care of talent


We aim to significantly reduce your administrative burden by running all contractor and supplier engagement through us. 

As your trusted provider, we provide a single consolidated invoice, covering all your contingent recruitment requirements.

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Find out more about our handcrafted MSP services
Outsource - taking care of everything